Friday, December 3, 2021
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Prosecution: Ahmaud Arbery Was Attacked Because He Was A ‘Black Man Running’

The prosecution concluded its arguments on Monday in the trial of the three white men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery, telling jurors the 25-year-old was attacked simply for running while Black.

“They made their decision to attack Ahmaud Arbery in their driveways, because he was a Black man running down the street,” prosecutor Linda Dunikoski told the jurors.

Dunikoski’s closing argument built on evidence presented at trial that Arbery never stole anything from a construction site in the Georgia neighborhood where he was fatally shot, and also never posed an imminent threat to Gregory and Travis McMichael or William Bryan, the three men charged in his killing.

In her closing remarks on day 12 of the closely watched trial, Dunikoski also questioned the legitimacy of the McMichaels and Bryan’s claim that they were attempting to execute a “citizen’s arrest.” She argued that the three men had presented no evidence and had not even claimed to have witnessed Arbery robbing any home in the Satilla Shores neighborhood.

She reminded jurors that under Georgia state law governing citizen’s arrests, the alleged offense would have to occur in the “private citizen’s presence.” The offense would also have to be felony ― and even if the defendants’ claims about Arbery had been validated, trespass or loitering is a misdemeanor, not a…




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