Everyone will want a seat at your Thanksgiving table once they see Paula Deen’s “Fresh Apple Cake from Georgia” during the holiday feast. 

In the latest episode of Fox Nation’s “At Home with Paula Deen,” the celebrity chef and her aunt Peggy shared how the scrumptious apple cake came to be. A loving mother brought the special dessert to a children’s ball game as a snack, and Peggy had to get her hands on that unforgettable recipe. Peggy received the recipe from her mother, and Deen was inspired to share this delicious apple cake across America. 

Deen created also a sweet sauce to pour over “Fresh Apple Cake” from Georgia. 

According to the celebrity chef, “This may be my favourite part of this delicious cake.” “The sauce that goes on it when you take it out of the oven – straight out of the oven – while your cake is piping hot.”


A cup of sugar and a stick butter are the ingredients of this sauce. Half a cup buttermilk is also included. 

“We are going to just mix it together and then melt all of the ingredients. Deen said, “Let the sugar dissolve. The cake will be ready.” 

The sauce should then simmer over the heat for approximately one minute, until it dissolves in the buttermilk. You can then pour the sauce directly onto the warm apple cake. 

Deen’s Thanksgiving dessert menu also included recipes for stuffed honeycrisp apples — a mixture of butter, sugar, and some nuts, which are optional.  

She jokingly said,…