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“Nikki who?” 

This was my first response when I ran for the office of South Carolina representative. My background as an accountant and small businesswoman was what I knew at that time. It was difficult to make one dollar, but it was easy for government to seize it.  

2004 was the year. This race was to win a place in the State House of Representatives. And the opponent was the longest-serving member of the state legislature – a 30-year incumbent who everyone said was destined for reelection.  


However, the Palmetto State people were looking for someone different. Someone who wasn’t a member of the traditional boys club. It was evident when they trusted me to be their first Indian American state legislature legislator and, a few years later, their first female governor and minority governor in South Carolina.  

Many people came to know me. More importantly, they knew the time had come for conservative solutions – solutions that would make it easier to start a business, get a job, raise a family and have the best shot at the best life. 


Because in every American state, a new, diverse group of conservatives debate whether they should jump to their respective states and local races.  

The suburban mom who’s outraged by the moral and educational failure of her kids’ school. Minority dad who recognizes America as fundamentally great, and not irredeemably…