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Is South Africa ready to embrace solar energy?

Is South Africa ready to embrace solar energy?

By Jesse Preyser

28 minutes ago


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South Africa is home to some of the most favorable conditions for solar energy.

South Africa’s main source of electricity is still coal, despite many places having more than 2,500 hours sunshine per year.

South Africa would have to use the sun for more than 1,500 hours per year, compared to the UK’s average of 1,500.

The energy supply landscape could undergo dramatic changes over the coming decade.

In June it emerged that South Africa’s state power utility Eskom, Africa’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, is putting forward a $10bn (£7.4bn) plan to close the vast majority of its coal-fired power stations by 2050 and embrace renewable energy.

During the COP26 Climate Summit, France, US, EU and UK pledged $8.5bn in the next five year to South Africa’s large plan to be green.

Eskom’s chief executive André de Ruyter says the COP26 announcement will enable South Africa to meet its “new and ambitious” targets.

However, many people are unsure if Eskom has the ability to deliver this kind of transformation.

This company has $27bn of debt, which is weighing on its finances and limiting investment in its infrastructure. In the United States, rolling blackouts are known as load-shedding.

There is no doubt that something must be…




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