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HIV diagnosis: Marlon Van Der Mark tackles stigma

HIV diagnosis: Marlon Van Der Mark tackles stigma

Kate Morgan
BBC Wales News

35 minutes ago



Marlon van Der Mark posted TikTok videos that explain what it is like to have HIV.

“You are disgusting and deserve Aids. You’re detestable.”

These are some of Marlon’s comments after posting an online post about HIV.

He said that it was heartbreaking to see stigma so alive and would like to have a better understanding about the lives of people living with HIV.

The Welsh government stated that tackling HIV discrimination and stigma will be a key part of the HIV Action Plan published next year.

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Van Der Mark was diagnosed at 19 and described the next few years in Cardiff as a “blur” of living with fear of telling others.

He said, “It took almost four years for me to even declare that I am HIV-positive to myself.”

In a TikTok video, he shared his frustrations and said that he felt compelled to share what he learned about HIV living.

“Within minutes, it was blowing out…people were saying how proud of me… He said, “I could breath for the first-time.”

“All these people came pouring in”

However, the activist wrote that he didn’t feel ashamed to admit that HIV stigma was still prevalent.

“It is…




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