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Germany Covid: Health minister's stark warning to get jabbed

Germany covid: The stark warning from the Health Minister to not get jabbeled

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Image source, Reuters

Jens Spahn was a health minister and he did not mince words when he stressed how important it is to get jabbed

Germany’s Health Minister has made the strongest warning yet regarding how vital it is that you get your vaccines.

Jens Spahn stated that by Monday, everyone in Germany should be fully vaccinated and either recovered from their illness or have died.

A fourth wave coronavirus is sweeping Germany. Many hospitals are already full because of the rapid rise in cases.

With 68% of residents fully vaccinated, it has the lowest vaccine rates in Western Europe.

Germany’s infection rates are at their highest level since the outbreak. Experts warn this could prove to be the deadliest pandemic in history.

The number of infections has increased by 7,000 in 24 hours. This rate is one of the highest in the world.

The unvaccinated will be barred from some venues and the famous Christmas markets in Germany are being cancelled.

Spahn stated that he opposed making Covid vaccinations mandatory, but said it was a moral obligation to have the vaccine because of its impact on others.

He stated, “Freedom requires taking responsibility. There is an obligation to society to get immunized.”

Minister said that the deadly Delta virus is behind the current…




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