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I said in March there was going to be a lot of buyer’s remorse when voters saw what Joe Biden and the Democrats were up to with total control of Washington. This was an exaggeration. 

Recent surveys from USA Today, Suffolk University and other sources showed that 46% of respondents thought Biden had done a worse job in office than they anticipated. This includes 16% of voters who voted for Biden. In a poll released by ABC News, Washington Post and others, Republicans had a 10-point lead in the generic congressional vote, which was the biggest margin ever recorded in its 40-year history. 

Here’s what should really scare Democrats vying to maintain control of the majority in the U.S. Senate: in the states that will decide the majority (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), Republicans hold a 23-POINT LEAD in the generic ballot. These numbers are consistent with polling we at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) have done that shows voters across the board rejecting the Democrats’ agenda. 


It’s not hard to explain why Biden and the Democrats are reeling politically. They misunderstood the 2020 election.

Biden and Democrats felt they had the mandate to change America fundamentally. They’re pushing for a massive expansion of the welfare state; a massive increase in federal spending, taxes and debt; a radical social…