Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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China cuts diplomatic ties to Lithuania after Taiwan row

China cuts diplomatic ties to Lithuania after Taiwan row

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Taiwan has opened its 18th European office with a representative in Lithuania.

After the Baltic states allowed Taiwan to establish a De Facto Embassy there, China has reacted by reducing its diplomatic relations with Lithuania.

Lithuania supported its rights to have relations with Taiwan, however it said it respects the “One China” policy.

Although Taiwan’s opening of a new office in Lithuania is not an indication that it has diplomatic relations with Lithuania, this could indicate the growing relationship between these countries.

Beijing views Taiwan as part China. Taiwan considers Taiwan an independent country.

Taiwan is the new name of the office, not “Chinese Taipei”, which many other countries have used to defame China.

In 18 years, this is Taiwan’s first European diplomatic post. China is putting pressure on Taiwan, so Taiwan only has a few formal relationships with its allies.

One China is a diplomatic acknowledgment that China has only one government.

This is in contrast to the One China principle. China believes Taiwan should be considered an inalienable piece of China and reunited one day.

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