Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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CBI boss says that levelling up requires more effort

CBI boss says that levelling up requires more effort

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CBI believes climate targets could fuel an industrial revolution throughout the UK

The boss of CBI Business Group will state that economic growth should be spread evenly across the UK, rather than being concentrated in South-East England.

Tony Danker, CBI’s director general will say that it is impossible to “level up” in the market.

Today, at the CBI’s annual conference, he will emphasize the necessity for high-value sectors, businesses, and jobs throughout the country.

The UK’s levelling of growth was at the heart of government policy.

Climate targets offer the potential for a new industrial revolution in the UK, will Mr Danker tell the CBI conference. New industries like biotech can also be a chance at redemption.

He said that “Levelling-up so far has been about politics, and not enough productivity, economics, and business,” as he told BBC Today.

We say that there is a chance of redemption because for the past five decades, we don’t know how to make it happen. But now, we have industries such as clean and renewable energies, life sciences and cyber-security, and these companies don’t need to be located in South East.

CBI is worried that industries like textiles in Lancashire and shipbuilding on Clyde have been permitted to “die”. This has…

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